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Diagnostic Coding System

We offer a user-friendly diagnostic coding system for incorporation into EMR’s for family physicians, general practitioners and allied primary care health providers.

More Than 10,000 Medical Terms

ENCODE-FM is a standardized nomenclature of medical terms designed to be used in electronic medical records.

Providing Innovative Software Tools Since 1995!

We aim to develop and market user-friendly software to facilitate standardized data collection.

We aim to develop and market innovative software tools to facilitate standardized data collection and serve the below list of clients:

Family physicians
General practitioners
Group practitioners
Social workers and clinics
Outpatient departments
Health clinics

Importance of Diagnostic Clinical Terms

  • Standardized terms describe the patients’ diagnosis, complaint, critical condition, and treatment

  • All of our terms map to standard medical terminologies – ICPC, ICD-10, ICD-9-CM, and Ontario Diagnostic Billing Codes

  • Standardized terms can help describe patient complexity and enhance medical billing and reimbursement



ENCODE-FM is a systematic and hierarchical controlled terminology for family medicine, intended for use in electronic medical records and can be incorporated into the software of any EMR vendor.

Please contact us via email or fill out our inquiry form to know more about our standardized coding system.

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