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ENCODE-FM™ Spreadsheet Specifications

Important: Please verify with INSITE-Family Medicine Inc. that no changes have been made to the information in this appendix before beginning any development.

Spreadsheet ColumnData TypeData LengthValid ENCODE-FM™ EntriesNotes
(sequence number)
numeric51 - 99999This is number that indicates order relative to other terms.  It may change with each version depending on additions to ENCODE-FM™.
(unique code number)
numeric51 - 99999This is the permanent ENCODE-FM™ code number assigned to a term.  It will never be deleted.
Retirednumeric10 = in current use
1 = retired/header
This indicates if a term is no longer in current use or is a header term not intended for use in a clinical record.  1104 HEMATOLOGIC SYSTEM is an example of a Header.
PKAnumeric51 - 99999Previously Known As.  The unique number of a retired term that has been replaced with a new term.  This will be associated with the new term.
Rdatecharacter8ddmmyyyyThe date a term was retired.
Modifiednumeric10 = unchanged
1 = modified
A flag indicating if a term has been changed from the previous version.
MDatecharacter8ddmmyyyyThe date a term was modified
Parentnumeric51 - 99999This refers to the unique number of the term's Parent term
Preferrednumeric51 - 99999This refers to the 'preferred' term for a synonym or an abbreviation
Chaptalpha1A - ZThis is the chapter or system that a term falls under
l0numeric21-99"I0" - "I9" are the ASCII codes for the "Chapt" above and are alternatives to "Chapt".  
11numeric21-99See "I0" above.
12numeric21-99See "I0" above.
13numeric21-99See "I0" above.
14numeric21-99See "I0" above.
15numeric21-99See "I0" above.
16numeric21-99See "I0" above.
17numeric21-99See "I0" above.
18numeric21-99See "I0" above.
19numeric21-99See "I0" above.
Snumeric20 or 1 - 99This designates a term as a synonym.  Zero (0) implies not a synonym.
Syncharacter30 or s1 - s99This is the alpha or character equivalent to "S" above.  It provides choice for programmers to designate synonyms as alpha or numeric codes.  As with "Chapt" and I0, you only need one of "S" or "Syn".
Abnumeric20 or 1 - 99This designates a term as an abbreviation.  Zero (0) implies not an abbreviation.
A = A - Z
N = 0 - 9
These are the ICPC code numbers mapped to each ENCODE-FM™ unique number.  
A = A - Z
N = 0 - 9
These are the ICD-10 code numbers mapped to each ENCODE-FM™ unique number.  
A = A - Z, 0 - 9
N = " ", 0 - 9
These are the ICD-9CM code numbers mapped to each ENCODE-FM™ unique number.  
N = 0 - 9
The OHIP Fee Schedule Diagnostic Codes mapped to each ENCODE-FM™ unique number.
Levelnumeric10 - 9This indicates the level of indentation for each term
H0alpha125blank or textThe ENCODE-FM™ terms and  synonyms are arranged hierarchically across columns H0 to H9 and Synonym.
H1alpha125blank or textSee H0 above.
H2alpha125blank or textSee H0 above.
H3alpha125blank or textSee H0 above.
H4alpha125blank or textSee H0 above.
H5alpha125blank or textSee H0 above.
H6alpha125blank or textSee H0 above.
H7alpha125blank or textSee H0 above.
H8alpha125blank or textSee H0 above.
H9alpha125blank or textSee H0 above.
Synonymalpha125blank or textSee H0 above.
Changesalpha135textBrief explanation of modifications
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